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James 4:10

“Humble yourselves before the Lord,

This summer, in August, I marked my first anniversary of joining the Orchard Lake Schools

as Chancellor. Looking back, I am truly humbled by the Lord who guided me here and all

those among the campus community, from the shores of Orchard Lake, around the United

States, Poland and Italy, who have helped show, teach and advise me.

Whoever thought a native of Poland and former student of SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary (SSCMS) would be installed as

Chancellor of the Orchard Lake Schools (OLS) and be the first Polish-born one in over 50 years to help guide founder Fr. Józef



browski’s mission and vision 132-years later? Whoever thought I would be entrusted to carry on what he established – a

Polish Catholic Seminary in Detroit to serve the Polish-American community? I am truly humbled.

St. John Paul II, who twice visited the campus, stated, “If the Orchard Lake Schools did not exist, it would be necessary to

establish them,” and “Fill Orchard Lake to capacity; sustain Orchard Lake; we need Orchard Lake!”

I have asked myself,

How can I possibly fill these immense shoes?

and the answer I receive is this:

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

Much of that strength comes from all of you and the time, talents and treasures you give back to the Orchard Lake Schools. And

other strength comes from those sent here with messages for all of us. I am truly humbled.

In the last year, I have tried to focus on numerous goals, particularly revitalizing the splendor of the Orchard Lake Schools

and our presence within Polonia. This important work has and will continue to take constant cooperation with many Polish

organizations and people throughout the U.S., including the hard work of one of our institutions, The Polish Mission.

I continue to work with the Church in Poland to send seminarians to Orchard Lake for studies and placement within Catholic

parishes in the United States. Polonia and Orchard Lake are committed to this important work.

To all the parents of the Moms & Dads Club of St. Mary’s Preparatory, the Lord is truly watching over you in all the work I have

seen and heard of you doing for the present and future of our young men and this campus. From the incredible annual auction

each November to the astounding magnitude of the Polish Country Fair and its over 80,000 attendees over Memorial Day

Weekend, I am humbled by your support, volunteerism, guidance, and passion for helping to move our educational community

and He will lift you up.”