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Since 1885, the Orchard Lake Schools has focused efforts

on building and sustaining the campus community as a

prestigious center of faith, education and tradition. Our

“family,” consisting of SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary,

St. Mary’s Preparatory and The Polish Mission, prides

itself on the individual as well as collective strengths of

the whole.

We asked members of this community how they define

the eternal bonds of brotherhood that resonate within our

mission statements, and what alumni events like Founder’s

Day andAlumni Weekend do to help strengthen and renew

these bonds.

Q: How do you define this eternal bond of brotherhood?

Mark Carroll (P’08)

– I think that the “Eternal Bond of Brotherhood” is evident in the lasting friendships that

continue to this day. My friends and I joke how it’s a St. Mary’s reunion every time we get together. I would

count at least a dozen grads from various classes among my good friends. Naturally, this means that St. Mary’s

brothers have been an important and influential part of my life. They have been there through the good times and


Mark Lengel (P’00)

– The eternal bond of brotherhood would be associated with a connection with classmates

and friends from time at St. Mary’s. I must say that when I was a student here, I don’t remember much mention of

Brotherhood. I view it as a fairly recent development at OLSM. I personally credit the return of graduates such as

Mr. Kenrick who push the catch phrase of Brotherhood. I think it is great that the young men have this connection.

Gary Stoneback (P’87)

– The term “brotherhood” was not used during my time at OLSM, but it would have been

a very appropriate word to describe the relationships that were forged during my four years. I was fortunate to

live on campus for my freshman and sophomore years, and commute for my final two years. Looking back on

my time at OLSM, I can honestly say that my friendships with students and faculty helped shape me as a person

and successfully guide me in my future endeavors.


Foundations in Faith Formation


God. Family. St. Mary’s.


Preserving Cultural Ethnicity & Tradition