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Q: In what ways have you drawn on the strength of

this brotherhood to help you address the challenges

of life?

Mark Lengel (P’00)

– I have utilized the campus as a big

part of my life. Two of my favorite places are the grotto

and the chapel. I spend as much time as I can in those

places for prayer and reflection.

Cormac Lynn (P’97)

– Just knowing that there is a huge

support network that is there for you, both spiritually and

professionally, gives you the confidence to continue to

push forward through the challenging periods of life that

we all encounter.

Jeffrey Phillips (P’98)

– Life is full of obstacles, tests and challenges. I can remember many instances that I have

called upon my brothers for advice, strength, and support in dealing with death, relationships or simply wanting

a laugh or two to get me in the right mindset to deal with life’s speed bumps.

Q: What aspects of Founder’s Day and/orAlumni Weekend have strengthened or restored your faith in the

brotherhood? How are you encouraging greater participation amongst the generations?

Jeff Phillips (P’98)

– I think both events help restore the brotherhood simply by inclusion. It’s great to see

brothers whom I went to school with in my years at OLSM and reminiscence and talk as if no time has passed at

all. I think that is one of the great things about both events. I know that all my St. Mary’s brothers would come

to my aid if necessary, whether it was for a job, a letter of recommendation, to help move or simply just to chat.

Cormac Lynn (P’97)

– As we all continue through the various stages of life and we have even more and more

demands on our time, events like Founder’s Day and Alumni Weekend offer us a chance to lock in some time to

be with our St. Mary’s brothers and be reminded of the impact that the OLS/St. Mary’s Prep had on us during our

formative years. I am happy to be supporting the Alumni Association in an informal way as that organization

works to help connect graduates of all the institutions that make up the OLS.

Gary Stoneback (P’87)

– Whenever the Class of 1987 gets together, it is almost as if we just graduated yesterday.

From Dave Wright showing up in his varsity sweater to Terry Petrucci doing his Brother Steve impersonation, we

seamlessly fall back into our roles. We can go years without talking, but these events help us quickly catch up.

Q: What are some of the latest initiatives within OLS that encourage greater alumni outreach and support?

Cormac Lynn (P’97)

– There are several new or renewed initiatives worth noting, including: 1) Alumni Speaker

Series; 2) Always look to bring in alumnus for commencements speaker; 3) Always look to add alumni to our

teaching/coaching staff; 4) Added a handshake with all current alumni on staff and students during the Masses

at Ring Day and Graduation.

Jeffrey Phillips (P’98)

– I think Don Buchanan is a tremendous edition to the OLSM campus. He truly loves this

place and it shows in his work. I can already see the benefits of placing him in charge of alumni affairs. There is

a resurgence of excitement to the Alumni base, and I believe he is truly the spark in that resurgence. He can relate

to alums, young and old and has galvanized the troops in my opinion.

Gary Stoneback (P’87)

– It is great to see OLSM putting more resources and energy into the Alumni Association,

including the addition of a new director to really kickstart this renewed initiative and enhance our networking