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Moving Forward


nother year, and another time to be

thankful for all of the blessings that our

Lord has provided to us. Although we really

did not experience growth at Orchard Lake

Schools this year, the future looks great. I

believe that with the help of our Lord and

benefactors, we will get better and grow as

a campus.

St. Mary’s Preparatory has been truly

blessed with two substantial endowments

that are earmarked by the donors to use for

construction projects (one specifically for an

auditorium-like structure). The Orchard Lake Schools Board of Regents

members have designated a task force to come up with a plan to best use

the money to improve our classrooms and environment on our campus.

With those funds and a capital campaign, this community could be in

for a great transformation.

In addition to the endowments for the Preparatory, SS. Cyril &Methodius

was also blessed with a substantial endowment. It allows the earnings

from that endowment to help with the education of seminarians. God

truly is great and very generous to the Orchard Lake Schools.

I also write this section with extreme sadness. Two people that have been

such great assets to the Orchard Lake Schools are no longer with the

organization. Tim Bailey, Business Manager, was my right-hand man

for my entire tenure as CFO. Tim was one of the hardest working and

most dedicated individuals I know. I could count on Tim for anything,

anytime and he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that the

Orchard Lake Schools were successful. Although he has moved on in his

career, he does not know how much he will be missed.

Tony Koterba, Vice-Chancellor, was my mentor, my friend and my

OLSM brother. Tony was the rock that kept the ship straight on this

campus. He was a great spokesman for the Orchard Lake Schools and

very well-liked and respected by all. I have known Tony for almost 20

years. We became great friends when our sons started at OLSM in the

fall of 2006. His oldest son, Anthony, became a part of our family when

his mother, Cathy, was sick and Tony had to be there for her and could

not drive Anthony to and from St. Mary’s. Our triplets had an instant

older brother that they spent time with every day and loved playing

games with him. We were heartbroken when Cathy passed away in 2007.

Although we did not spend much time with Cathy during her illness, we

could see in Anthony the great person that she was because of how he

was with our family. She and Tony did a great job in raising Anthony and

Andrew. Tony will always be my friend and brother. The Vucinaj family

loves him and his family.

Martin Vucinaj (P’81)


Orchard Lake Schools