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he Orchard Lake Schools made history on June 22, 2016 at Anno Domini 966, the U.S. celebration of

1,050 years of Christianity in Poland. When asked to explain the true significance of this historic event,

here is what Monsignor Thomas C. Machalski, Jr., Chancellor-Rector, Orchard Lake Schools, had to say.


Anno Domini 966

signified history in the making in the United States. Why was this campus

selected as the location for the celebration?


The campus of the Orchard Lake Schools was chosen as the site of the celebration because

Orchard Lake is the heart of Polonia. Since our founding in 1885, we have been and continue to be the

place where all things Polish are honored, respected, preserved, cherished and held sacred.


Based on the homilies, in English by Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, Florida, and in Polish

by Bishop Mroziewski of Brooklyn, New York, what were the most important messages taken away from



The most important message contained in the homilies of Archbishop Wenski and Bishop

Mroziewski was that we should always remain connected to our roots and traditions. Even though we

may be removed from Poland for a few generations, no matter where we are we will never stop being

Polish nor, I may add, Catholic because our faith and culture are intimately connected. They are almost



Your guests came from all over the United States to celebrate 1,050 years of Christianity in Poland.

What were their responses to both the invitation and attendance at the Mass?


The responses that I received were all very positive and complimentary. People really enjoyed

the solemn celebration of Mass, Blessing and Dedication of the St. John Paul II Shrine by His Eminence

AdamCardinal Maida, and the decree read by Archbishop Vigneron naming us the Archdiocesan Shrine

of St. John Paul II (in the Archdiocese of Detroit).

Roots Anchor Pride in Polonia