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Don Buchanan

- Director of Alumni Relations,

Orchard Lake Schools. Contributing writer for the

Good News

in the Alumni section. Still coaching

OLSM football. Eager to grow the alumni network

and make new connections with all OLS alumni.

Candace Castiglione

– Dean of Admissions, St.

Mary’s Preparatory. Shares student features, success

stories and related academic, extracurricular and

admissions news with readers.

Marcin Chumiecki

– Director, The Polish Mission.

Leads the Polish-American community in cultural

advancement, diplomatic development and

consultation across the globe.

Dr. Joshua Genig

– Director of Lay Ministry,

SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary. Explores ways

to make the Lay Ministry program more accessible

to potential students and shares related features.

Lisa Healy

– PR & Communications Liaison,

Orchard Lake Schools. Serves as editor and

copywriter on various OLS publications, news

releases, website updates and social media.

Kris Klann

– Graphics & Communications

Designer, Orchard Lake Schools. Develops creative

design concepts and high impact layouts for OLS

publications, projects and is the campus photographer.

Msgr. Frank Koper

– SS. Cyril & Methodius

Seminary Dean of Pastoral Formation, Professor of

Pastoral Theology and History of Catholicism in the

U.S. Contributes and edits feature content.

Cormac Lynn

– Headmaster, St. Mary’s Preparatory.

Since 2002, he has served as teacher, coach,

academic dean and vice headmaster before becoming

headmaster. Contributes both news and features.

Rev. Msgr. Thomas C. Machalski, Jr., M. Div.,

M.S. Ed., J.C.L.

– Chancellor-Rector, Orchard Lake

Schools. Rector-President of SS. Cyril & Methodius

Seminary and Assistant Professor of Canon Law.

Contributes to both features and regular departments

of the

Good News


Wendy Mosella

– Director of Advancement,

Internal Operations, Orchard Lake Schools.

Oversees content coordination and distribution for


Good News

, printed materials, and supervision

of numerous data-driven campus programs, special

events and fundraising projects.

Caryn Noel

– Library Director, Orchard Lake

Schools. Researches and writes feature content for

OLS publications. Explores and oversees ongoing

research and library advancement initiatives.

Fr. Leonard Obloy

– Dean of Intellectual Formation

and Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture,

SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary. Contributes

feature content and subject matter expertise, and

maintains seminary website news and information.

Joanna Olejniczak-Caushaj

– Registrar, Student

Services, SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary.

Facilitates information gathering to help formulate

seminary content within each

Good News


JJ Przewozniak

– Collections Curator, The Polish

Mission. Serves as assistant to the director, and

communicates all pertinent Polish Mission news

and special events to this and other campus media.

Joe Serwach

– Executive Director, Institutional

Advancement, Orchard Lake Schools. Advances

and grows OLS via development, giving, marketing,

communications and building the Orchard Lake


Martin Vucinaj

– Chief Financial Officer,

Chief Operating Officer, Orchard Lake Schools.

Involved in many facets of the campus that aid in

dissemination of news and information.

Mirko Vukelic

– Dean of Resident Students,

St. Mary’s Preparatory, Dormitory Supervisor

and Business Manager, Orchard Lake Schools.

Shares the latest news and information about the

campus boarding program and student successes.